Signs of Menopause and Treatment with Dr. Zach Bush

March 11, 2018by Reena1


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Dr. Zach Bush gives awareness into reasons why we are experiencing from Signs of Menopause and how to treat them.

Dr. Zach Bush shares deep insights into why we are suffering from Hot Flashes, Weight Gain and other Signs of Menopause and how to to get rid of them. He also goes into the cause of Perimenopause almost a decade earlier in the US. Dr. Zach Bush is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country, with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care. The breakthrough science that Dr. Bush and his colleagues have delivered offers profound new insights into human health and longevity.


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Here are the Key Questions answered and highlights:


1. What is going on with the female body during menopause? (01:36)

– Estrogen and Progesterone are only 2 of the 2000 hormones we know that are affecting your day to day life

– If you’re having sleep problems, hot flashes, decreased muscle mass, all of these are related to a estrogen and progesterone shift

– There are a vast number of hormones involved

– It’s not necessary to have signs of menopause

– The environment we live in is full of chemicals and toxins that are making us prone to an inflammatory baseline

– If you have a low inflammation in the body, you are less likely to have signs of menopause through the transition

2. What’s causing this inflammation that’s forcing us to these signs of menopause? (03:47)

– It all comes down to what you do in your day

– We now have chemicals integrated into the food chain

– We’re putting 4.5 Billion pounds of Glyphosate, a water-soluble content, into our environment

– Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round Up used for farming

– A large percentage of our wheat crop is sprayed with Glyphosate

– The food we’re consuming have toxins

– In the case of a chronic inflammatory, we are exposing our immune system every day to an overwhelming amount of the outside world.

– The immune system is designed to keep us out of the outside world

– The gut lining starts from the nasal sinuses where you breathe in and out

– If you start consuming chemicals like Glyphosate, you overwhelm your immune system to the outside world which causes inflammation

– If there are many constant injuries or much to attack, the immune system will start to run out of its coping mechanism and so every injury will produce this inflammatory cascade

3. Is that why we’re starting to see something called perimenopause? (07:55)

Effects of Menopause:

– Anxiety

– Hot Flashes

– Fractured Sleep

– Major Depressive Episodes

– Loss of Muscle Mass

– Difficulty in Weight Loss

– Brain Fog

– All of these are signs of menopause which is a hormonal shift in the body

4. Over 70% of women in menopause or perimenopause will experience hot flashes. Do you believe we should address it symptom by symptom? or Do you believe it’s all about getting the body back into balance? (08:35)

– Estrogen and progesterone tie into the Hot Flash phenomenon

– Estrogen is a pro-inflammatory, pro-growth anabolic compound

– Progesterone is the opposite, which is an amino suppressant that modulates the immune system so that you don’t get it out of control

– Progesterone deficiency is one of the leading cause of infertility

– When progesterone decreases, too much estrogen will result to hot flashes and rest of menopause symptoms

– The last thing you would want on an inflamed cell is a growth factor

– It would take 4 pounds of greens to create 48 ounces of juice

– Juicing, when overdone, can be a vulnerable point where you can get an enormous amount of toxin

– The only reason why you need progesterone is that you have a chronic inflammation

– You need to look at a major lifestyle prevention to reduce an inflammatory state

5. What exactly is a hot flash physiologically? (17:56)

– A hot flash is an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system.

– The autonomic nervous system is the massive energy output that’s regulated and carefully measured that’s been carried out without you thinking about it such as the heartbeat or breathing.

– The autonomic nervous system controls the gut

– A single nerve called the Vegas nerve, a part of the autonomic nervous system, goes through the gut space which is an area equal to two tennis courts

– A hot flash is the disregulation of the autonomic nervous system which gives an inappropriate blood dialation of the blood vessels in your skin

– Instead of sending blood to the gut and brain, suddenly you dialate everything and blood is shuned to the skin which leads to sudden warmth, sweating, etc.

– This is a red flag that the autonomic nervous system is off

Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunctions:

– Brain fog

– Short term memory loss

– Core gut function

– Irritable bowel disease

– constipation

– chronic diarrhea

– hot flash

6. How do we calm down the Vegas nerve? (22:17)

– Meditation is a powerful tool to calm down the vegas nerve. It lowers heart rate and blood pressure

– Change the diet

7. What are things you would add to inflammation management? (23:29)

– Highly fermented dairy products down to turmeric, cumin, etc. which balances the inflammatory state

– The food can not only be a source of toxin, it can also be a source of medicine

– Returning to traditional foods is a huge key to success

8. Are there herbs that can help a woman deal with these symptoms, specifically hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia? (25:35)

– Emu oil from https://walkabouthealthproducts.com/

– Restore

Buy Restore Gut Health here>>

– There’s no such thing as a bad bacteria or fungi. They all play a critical role in the ecosystem

– Pseudomonas is an infection you can get in a hospital. It turns out that Pseudomonas in the environment is one of the most potent bacterial detoxifiers when it comes to radioactive material.

– Restore has a profound effect on your DNA’s production of the critical proteins that make up the barrier system between you and the outside world.

9. How do you take Restore? (32:25)

– There’s a nasal spray that can be taken 2x a day to every hour of the day to support a healthy immune system

Buy Restore Nasal Spray here>>

– Oral liquid, 1-3x a day

– Works anytime, before or after food ; but recommended that you take it before eating

– If you ate food with glyphosate, there will be damage

10. Where is the weight gain coming from during menopause and what are the menopause treatment for this? (35:41)

– The hormonal shift affects the bacteria population in your gut

– The gut changes the firmicute bacteria in the gut which slow down metabolism, increase acidity and fermentation

– Your bacterial biome is shifted largely because of a shift in the immune system

– Instead of cutting calories, shift the microbiome in your gut, expect to see weight loss

– Refocus your lifestyle to different environments

1. Sleep

– respect the day and night cycles to lose weight

– you’re suppressing nutrient intake

– Wake up early, get to work early

– The average wake time in the early 80’s is 4:30 am

– It’s hard to sleep early if you don’t respect the evening in regard to light levels

– Your brain is not ready to sleep if you’re on your laptop, phone or light on

– Download iristech.com to reduce eye strain

– Get blue blocker glasses

2. Go Outside

– Changes the microbiome you’re breathing

– If you’re always in a dry wall space, you can’t tolerate diversity, change, etc.

– What makes us joyful is finding purpose and pursuing that purpose

– What makes us miserable is going in conflict with the direction according to our purpose

11. What are you thoughts on bioidenticals? (56:09)

– It should be a short term use
– It’s a ‘bandaid’
– It’s never a solution
– Bioidenticals are not safe

– If you take something orally, your liver is going to see the highest amount of that hormone.

– The natural effect of inflammation and stress on the system is the drop in progesterone and testosterone then estrogen.

– If you keep throwing ‘band-aids’ you’re adding a growth factor to the system

12. Is there a specific composition you recommend between fat, carbs, proteins for someone in menopause? (1:03:06)

– Protein is acidic and inflammatory

– Salmon and Tuna have the same protein structure as beef

– Salmon is high in Omega 3s. It’s a highly inflammatory compound.

– If you’re having a chronic inflammation, fat is an important antidote

– You need a monosaturated fat like olive oil or Saturated fat in coconut oil or Emu Oil to help reduce inflammation

– It can be that fat in the fish is what’s causing hot flashes not the protein

13. How are we going to correct the misinformation out there? (1:05:59)

– The silver lining of the internet is the access of information

– Real truth can be met out through the people


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