Fasting is being hailed as the potential new cure for diseases. I’ve interviewed quite a few doctors on it from Dr. Coneally (check out her BEAT CANCER Bootcamp) to Dr. Joel Kahn (check out his HEART HEALTH Bootcamp) and got inspired to try out Prolon. This is my personal experience with trying ProLon 5 day fasting mimicking diet.

There are various types of fasts- from intermittent fasting to water fasting to fasting for 48 hours and more. I have been doing intermittent fasting unwittingly most of my life. I was never a breakfast eater and typically was done with dinner by 7pm except on the weekends. After Dr. Zach Bush raved about the 5 day water fast in one of my interviews, I actually considered doing it. But not eating even for 1 day no longer works for my body. So 5 days was clearly impossible.

Then I heard about ProLon (and read the book The Longevity Diet) which is fasting mimicking, meaning you get food on this fast! I decided to try it and share my experience. So here goes- watch each video for all that I experienced and learned in my 5 day journey. Post your questions below and I will answer or get them answered by the ProLon team!

#Video: Opening the Box

Watch this video to learn why I decided to try the ProLon fasting mimicking diet, what’s in the box and how it works.


#Video: DAY 1 with Reena


#Video: DAY 2 Review


#Video: DAY 3 Review


#Video: DAY 4 Review

#Video: DAY 5 Review


#Video 7: The Day After Coming soon!



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