Natural Cure for Cancer

March 17, 2018by Reena1


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Read the Transcript Below the Questions and Highlights

Dr. Connealy shares with us the natural cure for cancer

This is THE podcast if you or a loved one you know has Cancer! 1 in 2 men will have cancer and over 40% of women, so you have to equip yourself with knowledge on Natural Cure for Cancer. It’s reversible, treatable and you can get your life back, as Dr. Connealy shares with us. Listen to this podcast to find out what causes cancer so you can begin healing the body as a whole!

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. is the author of her forthcoming book The CANCER REVOLUTION, a compilation of some of the newest cancer treatments available today – and a plan for prevention and healing!

Dr. Connealy began practicing medicine in 1986, soon realizing that conventional medicine had very limited returns and did not always improve the health of her patients. This led her to study integrative and complementary therapies, and since then she has revolutionized the landscape of medicine through her integrative medical centers: Center For New Medicine,
Cancer Center For Healing, and Addiction Center For Healing.

With thirty years of experience in finding the “root cause of an illness”, Dr. Connealy has taken numerous advanced courses, including homeopathic, nutritional and lifestyle approaches, while studying disease, chronic illness, cancer, and addiction. She has a true passion to change her patients’ lives, and give them their life back.

Dr. Connealy offers Integrative Treatments (combination of conventional and natural treatments) physician consultations regarding for people with chronic diseases, including cancer, addiction, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, Lyme disease, digestive disorders, heavy metal poisoning, autoimmune diseases, and neurological disorders. Annual physical exams for men and women. For women includes gynecology, natural infertility, healthy menopause, hormone balancing, skin care recommendations and treatments, and nutritional counseling. For men includes, physicals, natural fertility, healthy hormones and labido, skin treatments, and nutritional counseling.


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Key Questions answered and highlights:

1. Illness as a gift-how it can open a whole new World

2. The 6 cancer revolution strategies for natural cure for cancer

3. Science of food is critical to healing

4. Alive vs dead food and the types of food critical for healing

5. What is wrong with cereal for breakfast and other “no no” foods for cancer patient diet

6. Importance of meal planning and obvious rules for meals

7. The only way to eat yogurt

8. The ideal breakfast recipe for natural cure for cancer

9. Importance of nutritionist, health coach, integrative and functional medicine doctor for natural cure for cancer

10. Frankenfoods and the most allergenic foods to remove

11. The best test Dr C recommends for food sensitivity and allergy testing

12. Ketogenic way of eating and preserving mitochondria

13. What should your plate look like for fat, carbs and protein

14. Importance of removing toxins and how to do it right for natural cure for cancer

– sleep on organic sheets washed with non toxic laundry detergent
– turn off all electricity in bedroom
– first thing in the morning drink 10 ounces of organic green juice with 10 ounces of filtered water
– use non toxic toothpaste to soap to lotion
– infrared sauna and detox baths along with skin brushing
– Liver cleanse and detox bath recipes
– Coffee enemas and 21 day purification program

15. The right supplements based on testing to find which nutrients you need

– most are deficient in Vitamin D and Omega 3s are critical too for almost everyone
– The two tests she recommends for testing vitamin deficiencies

16. Sitting is the new smoking and lack of oxygen creates the environment for cancer. Movement and exercise is critical for all bodily functions.

– if you work on a computer, move every hour on the hour for a few moments
– other specific techniques to bring movement into your life

17. Stress from not connecting with other human beings

– lack of hugs and talks creates isolation
– constant negative news which indirectly affects us
– lack of love harmony peace in the environment

18. Her top recommendation for Meditation and meditation apps she loves

19. Simple decision to change your health: love yourself and love others, get into an attitude of gratitude, make new friends

20. The problem with lack of sleep and how melatonin plays a part in health and weight. Problem with using medications for sleep.

21. Importance of knowing about electrosmog and how to eliminate it

22. 14 day plan details including oil pulling, green juice, coffee enemas, exercise and meditation, and food specifications

23. Challenge with surgery for cancer and how they do treatments differently

– what is going on with the biochemistry of the body
– every single thing they do lifts the energy up and has no side effects
– PMF, specialty IVs, emotional healing, hyperbaric oxygen and other such therapies

24. The #1 SECRET to healing, don’t miss this FREE thing that may accelerate your healing!!

25. What is one mandatory advice for all those diagnosed with cancer?


This is auto-generated and may have mistakes. Please listen to the interview for accuracy.

[00:25] Reena Jadhav: Hi everyone. Welcome to another exciting episode. Today. We’re going to talk about cancer and how to heal from cancer and I have with us a very exciting, very knowledgeable, probably the most knowledgeable doctor on cancer and cancer treatment in the world. Dr Lee Erin. She’s been practicing medicine for 30 years and in fact she’s the founder and medical director of the center for new medicine and the cancer center for healing in Irvine, California. Her has been published in many scientific publications. She has an amazing newsletter that I’m actually been reading Newport natural health, and what’s exciting is that at the cancer center for healing, Dr Leah and Kennilie offers your groundbreaking integrative approach to treating and preventing cancer. In fact, there’s a great quote from Jj Virgin who’s a forced, the New York Times bestselling author of the Virgin Diet, being diagnosed with cancer, never needs to become a death sentence, and this is specifically referring to the fabulous book, the Cancer Revolution of groundbreaking program to reverse and prevent cancer that Dr Lee. Erin has pen. I am so delighted to have you with us today. Welcome.

[01:43] Dr Conneely: It’s great to be here again today.

[01:46] Reena Jadhav: So today’s episode, we are just chatting about how to treat cancer. We did another podcast interview where we talked about how to prevent, so if you’ve not been diagnosed, please check out the podcast on how to prevent cancer. This one’s for those who’ve been diagnosed with cancer and how you can heal, reverse and get your health back. Now, Maria Menounos and John McCain has been in the news because they’ve been diagnosed with cancer and all of our hearts go out to them. These are two famous people and it only proves what we know that cancer, no one alone, that it impacts everyone. The statistics are really disheartening. Dr Conneely, what do John Mccain and Maria Menounos have in terms of cancer?

[02:40] Dr Conneely: Well, as one of my patients, she wrote a book called it’s all about the journey and it’s all about the journey for all of us and we have to welcome or journey because illness can be a gift to become awakened, to become enlightened, to do a self study, to do self revelation, to get reconnected or connected and stay connected with your family and loved ones and it can open up a whole new world of education and empowerment for each and every single person. And that’s what, uh, and that’s what I see because if there are no, there are no problems, there are no solutions and there’s no new solutions and there’s no new discoveries. So these problems that we have should all make us ponder what is really, really going on. Because the bottom line is we’re all in this together. Just like you said, no one is exempt.

[03:44] Dr Conneely: It doesn’t matter who you are. We’re all have the same predispositions. And because we know 100, two men have cancer and 41 percent of females. So we know we’re not exempt, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, famous, a young, old, it doesn’t matter anymore, but what we all need to do is we need to make everyone aware of what is really gone going on, and that’s what these podcasts are so phenomenal about teaching and educating and empowering people how to change their life and to live a better life and hopefully learn this stuff and be a blessing to someone else.

[04:29] Reena Jadhav: Your book talks about the Revolutionary Strategies for cancer, and I love how you lay them out. Food be your medicine, removes toxins, supplements, reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. Would love to chat with each of these so as John Mccain or Maria or looking at their days, you have some really good insights and how to what I call lifestyle redesign so you can leave so they can lead a cancer free life. Let’s start with food. Be Your medicine.

[05:07] Dr Conneely: That. What would you recommend? Well, hippocrates,

[05:13] Dr Conneely: who is the father of medicine? Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food, correct?

[05:19] Dr Conneely: Yes. So

[05:20] Dr Conneely: we we have to use all the medicinal facets of food and I tell people the Science of food is unbelievable and that’s why we always have our patients see our nutritionist and because some people think they know what they’re doing and they think they have an understanding, but once they meet with our nutritionist and she really dissect everything with everyone and there’s no two people alike, then she get a better, better, clearer understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing, a watch you’re going to do and the creative aspect of food. If anyone’s been to the natural products expo, which is an amazing exposition of all the new foods that are being created well this is just absolutely beautiful. What’s going on in food and what’s available and what we’ve had unfortunately available for us a long time. It’s basically dead, lifeless energy, less food, and so if we want to be energetic, vital beings, we need to eat foods that give us energy. We need to get foods that are live. We need to get foods that have outrageous abundant of nutrients and so people need to understand the science of food. And what they should do now, unfortunately, I know that people don’t know, really don’t know about, but once they realize and start studying what foods they should be eating if they were diagnosed with cancer. But we want to. First thing is we don’t want patients to panic. We patients once they’ve been diagnosed, it’s very scary.

[07:13] Dr Conneely: Yes, it’s very fearful. But they need to partner with a great team of people. They’re conventional oncologists who can give them the solutions of whether they need surgery or chemo. Then they got to say, okay, I know what I eat. Every single person knows that what they eat affects them. But unfortunately people think they can get away with eating cereal for breakfast and Dorito chips and a sandwich for lunch and a cookie in the afternoon and a spaghetti for dinner. Well, unfortunately, um, that’s probably, or Jack in the box or Mcdonald’s or you know, other

[08:05] Dr Conneely: Sandra Diet. But so people think that. But what I have found in the last five years, the beautiful news here is the last five years I’ve asked every single one of my patients. So what have you changed since you’ve been diagnosed and 100 percent, 100 percent without fail, has said how they eat. So that means unconsciously, subconsciously, instinctively and intuitively, patients know that they were law less with what they were eating and what they were doing.

[08:44] Reena Jadhav: Correct? Everyone knows, everyone knows that

[08:48] Dr Conneely: donut is not healthy for you.

[08:51] Reena Jadhav: Everyone knows

[08:53] Dr Conneely: chip cookies are not going to make a good sell. People know that eating fried crispy fried food is not going to make a good sell. Everyone really, really knows that, but we all break the rules every day. Unless you learn about the science of food, we all break the rules every day expecting a different result. It’s funny though, that people, when they drive their car, they don’t run stop signs.

[09:30] Reena Jadhav: Yes.

[09:30] Dr Conneely: I don’t understand why they’re there. More lawful with their driving then their body of health.

[09:40] Dr Conneely: That’s a great question. By the way, I myself am guilty of this, right? I let a, what I thought was a healthy life and yet I did get cancer at 35 and then in hindsight, once I learned the hard way that, oh, a sandwich was actually not a healthy lunch even though I thought it was. I thought I was having an organic standards and it was a very healthy lunch. I’m just having a nice pasta with chicken for dinner and I thought that was very healthy and it didn’t occur to me that actually that was not the case. So long story short, I would say to you, there is misunderstanding of what healthy foods looks like and what a healthy meal looks like. We know what healthy food is, know what a healthy meal looks like and how might have fresh vegetables and fruits must be in it. So talk a little bit about that meal planning.

[10:35] Dr Conneely: Right? I agree with you. I agree even though it’s not complicated, but I do agree with the people. Um, you know, don’t understand, like, like today I had a patient who has um, who has a liver pants. He has hepatitis C for 30 years. Then he used her voting, which was the treatment for the Hepatitis C. You finished the Harvoni, the hepatitis was gone, and then it. Then after he finished, he gets diagnosed with liver cancer.

[11:19] Dr Conneely: Yes. So there’s a possibility of because of Harvoni stimulating this liver cancer, we don’t know because her bone is brand new and then did he really eradicate the virus? So now he’s dealing with liver cancer and unfortunately it’s, it’s the perfect storm I believe for patients. So anyway, he’s a little more complicated, but he today. So I said, well, what are you eating for breakfast? And he said a yogurt and an apple and said, well, in New York or there’s a ton of sugar and carbs. I said, that’s not really a good choice unless it’s purely organic. No added sugar. And You understand the combination of your fats and carbohydrates, etc. And so what would be better ideal would be three eggs with an entire avocado and the eggs cooked in coconut oil or butter or olive oil. ThAt would be. He goes, okay, great. I’ve got that down. And then I. Then I went over lunch and dinner. so the key thing is people need to avoid the obvious things. The obvious rules are no sugar. And you talked about, you read newport natural health. That was the thing I talked about this week is sugar is deadly in one hour. So just go read my goal.

[12:46] Dr Conneely: No,

[12:47] Dr Conneely: yeah, great article. Okay. So just everybody needs to read that article and then they understand. I’m going to say that you don’t break the rules here and there, but I tell people if you do something bad, you’ve got to counter with the good.

[13:02] Dr Conneely: Correct. You can’t just do bad, bad, bad, and they expect

[13:06] Dr Conneely: your body to take care of itself. That’s not gonna work. So you got to do, you know my rule is 85 percent, 85 to 90 percent. I always use the analogy of the driving and the stop sign. How many times a day do you run? Stop signs.

[13:26] Dr Conneely: That’s right, but

[13:27] Dr Conneely: not very frequently. Why? Because you might get a ticket, you may kill somebody, you may kill yourself, you may be in an a major accident, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So you follow those laws, but people don’t have the same rules and understanding of the human body because they didn’t have to study handbook. Now everybody did studied some of the parts of the human body, but they forgot it all and they didn’t have to take a test to understand what your stomach does. Your liver does. Your heart does everything, what it does for you and what it really required to do every day. So everybody would have a very different understanding if they had to take a course and understanding and know the rules and answered the questions and have really a live interview with someone who truly knows about the body and people don’t understand how complex the body is an every day it becomes infinitely more complex because we discover more and more and more and more.

[14:29] Dr Conneely: And I tell people health is a skill. Health is a process, so you’re not going to learn this overnight. You’re going to be overwhelmed when you start learning. But I tell people, you start with one thing and you master that, and then the next month you take on another thing at what you’ve got to have like a health coach, you got to have a nutritionist. You got a partner with a doctor who practices conventional with integrative medicine, which is the new allopathic met functional medicine. You must do that because if you’re just going to a regular doctrine, all they’re going to do is give you medicine and not check your nutrition. You are losing. You are not going to win. So we know how to. We know how to test the nutritional status of every single person. Insurance companies pay for the test, so there’s no excuse for you not to have it because if you don’t have proper nutrition, the krebs cycle of energy k, our ebs named after dr.

[15:33] Dr Conneely: Krebs, who invented the cycle of energy in your body. When you eat proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and slash or take vitamin, it will tell me what you’re missing and you’re not missing. It is very scientifically proven. It’s not like guessing. I don’t guess I have the paperwork. It shows me what, what you need, what you don’t need, and there’s no one might view. You can’t compare yourself to your friend. You’re liked you in any form or fashion. Don’t compare yourself to anyone because for example, this particular test checks your glutes, your glutes, nine is your master antioxidant. You and I make it every day. Why do we make it to squash all the chemicals that we’re exposed to every single day in our shower, in our toothpaste, in our food and our water, etc. But if you’re not a good producer, but for whatever reason, maybe your mom and dad didn’t give you a good sell to make lou design and you need help in making glutathione and then you’ve got to take a supplement. You’re going To be at increased risk of all diseases, cancer and alzheimer’s and neurological diseases. So we have the availability, but doctors didn’t know this 30 years ago,

[16:49] Reena Jadhav: right?

[16:49] Dr Conneely: Is the doctor of 30 years ago or 20 years ago or 10 years ago. He doesn’t know that information because that’s not what they taught in medical school because that information wasn’t available. So me as a physician, I have to go and go to courses. I was just in dallas, I’m in a course every month I met a course to figure out how to master the human mind and body the system. It is infinitely complex. It is and it’s not sometHing we teach you in one day.

[17:22] Reena Jadhav: Interesting. Which made me start thinking about consequences. So the reason we don’t run stoplights and break laws and rules every single day and do it on an exception basis is because we know that there’s consequences. There could be a cop hiding because we’ve all gotten that writing cop chase us down and give us a ticket and those tickets are expensive and so we know for a fact that there is an immediate consequences and sometimes it’s, it hurts the pocketbook and then sometimes they throw you in jail. Like if you’re going to drink and drive. I’ve had friends who’ve been tossed in jail for that. So you know the consequences are really severe and so you think multiple times because that’s just how about new brain is structured, right? It’s structured to avoid the harmful, the negative. But or the food, I think the problem with this, because I’ve been there, I’ve done this where I’ve had a brownie yesterday and I knew I shouldn’t be eating it, but there it was calling me, looking gorgeous and I had to eat it and of course I had only two days part of that read your article on sugar.

[18:33] Reena Jadhav: So despite my history and despite knowing everything it despite being pretty committed to hell, I gave in and had that brownie. To your point, I think becAuse there aren’t consequences, there are longterm consequences,

[18:48] Dr Conneely: consequences, but you ignore them and you drink a red bull or ice tea or caffeine to overcome and you ignore. You ignore the symptoms of your body. Body is talking to you. Twenty four slash seven. You Ignore him and then when you go to a doctor, they don’t know how to analyze. They just go like a patient told me yesterday, I went to an endocrinologist about pain in my arms and he told me I needed an antianxiety. Okay. That she goes, now how did that work? And she goes, I knew this person personally. So whereas me, I would’ve been. The first thing I always want to know is how does someone. Well, one of the things I want to know is how does someone eat? Okay? Because what you’re putting in your body, for example, I will tell you, I had a little girl come in and this happens a lot, 20 years old, achy all over her body.

[19:42] Dr Conneely: Well, on 20 year olds, not supposed to be apl, everybody. You haven’t lived long enough to be achy all over achy headaches, all these nebulous symptoms. So the first thing I do is check her blood chemistry, which is enclosed to make sure she’s not a naming to make sure she, her livers are good. New sign her thyroid’s fine. There’s no inflammation in check her vitamin d. And then I did a food allergy so I sure enough, I correct the vitamin d level, I correct a little inflammation jihad. And then I gave her her food allergies. I said, take a picture of this, put it on your phone, you cannot eat these things. They’re like poison to you. So she comes back to seeing me in a month. And guess what, 95 percent of her symptoms are gone. So in one visit I’d fix 95 percent over symptoms symptoms, but what other doctors don’t do that

[20:32] Reena Jadhav: you see?

[20:33] Dr Conneely: So I know how to quickly get to it because I understand how, what, when, where, and how, how the body works and I’m learning everyday more how the body works. So, so dr the new doctors that are coming up, they’ve got to understand how a person lives. Okay. So you can eat inflammatory an allergenic foods. So like mosT allergenic and our wheat and dairy and sugar and soy, those kind of things are very allergenic to a lot of people. So like even if you can afford,

[21:12] Dr Conneely: hm.

[21:13] Dr Conneely: Uh, to get an allergy test, it’s usually a one time thing you do in your whole life because like you pretty much have your allergenic, uh, predispositions very early. And so we know like, so I tell people if you can afford it, just avoid wheat and dairy and let’s see, I’ll see you in two weeks and see how you’re doing.

[21:35] Dr Conneely: Sorry, go ahead.

[21:36] Dr Conneely: I use, I use the meridian valley a allergy testing. I’ve used probably half a dozen, half a dozen different ones, but that’s the one that’s the most comprehensive and includes spices and every fruit over vegetable, dairy, goat, I mean everything

[21:53] Dr Conneely: do, food sensitivity testing. And what are your thoughts on sensitivity testing versus allergy testing?

[21:58] Dr Conneely: It will tell me if you’re mild, moderate or completely, you got to avoid.

[22:02] Dr Conneely: Okay.

[22:04] Dr Conneely: So, um, and it’s, it’s. I love it because when the patient comes back they’re all better.

[22:11] Dr Conneely: No.

[22:14] Dr Conneely: So just like any new testing that comes out, well, I’ll tell you how it works and how good it is when I see the patient back and then when I get the results that we want, which is the patient feeling good, then you know, I know we’re on the right track. But for patients who don’t maybe have a doctor, you know, you’ve got the food is a lot of frankenfood. There’s a lot of gmo food Now. everything’s coming out non-gmo. Even centrum vitamin now is non gmo. So now everybody’s aware of the gmo situation. Gmo is genetically modified foods. So you got to understand that your food needs to be as clean and pure and the best thing to do is grow your own food. And that’s what we’re going to try to do to start teaching. All of our patients had to have their own mini gardens.

[23:02] Dr Conneely: But, but you know, it, it’s best to get away from franken foods are foods that have been manipulated by a scientist, et cetera like that. Then wheat, I tell people it’s not the wheat that’s so bad, it’s the way the weed has been hybridized. So like if you go To a lot of people say, well I went to europe and I was perfectly fine, but they don’t do what we do to our, our food, like, so it’s a problem. And then dairy unfortunately darn dairy house, the growth hormone in it and the chemicals in it. So, you know, it’s, it can be very, very inflammatory. So if people want to do any kind of dirt, they would use like whole cream that’s not been touched or raw milk. All right? But um, It’s, it’s dairy can be problematic and a lot of, I would say 30 percent of the population on allergy testing are positive, you know, there are allergenic and then you know, you’ve got to get away from packaged foods, like almost everything in a package is probably not okay for you. But what note you, if you can read the ingredients and understand them, then you’re okay. So like for example, a lot of things have monosodium glutamate, monosodium glutamate, there is, isn’t anything more toxic. It is damaging to all of the neurons immediately. And everyone should look up all the foods that have monosodium glutamate.

[24:44] Dr Conneely: Exactly. And if it’s a very small percentage of the total, I don’t know if it’s three percent or seven percent, if it’s not, if it’s not more than seven percent, they don’t even have to put it on the label. Yes. And that’s why you have to use things that really, you know, are called right, the company. so make them responsible, make them responsible. So, um, but now like when you go to a chinese food place, they will say we do not. Absolutely. They put signs everywhere, we do not use monosodium glutamate because people can literally die from it having monosodium glutamate. So, so, um, but like if you eat eggs and an avocado for breakfast, there’s no monosodium glutamate, right? If you use, you know, if you eat a slice tomatoes with beta, with olive oil and vinegar and you have a four, six ounce chicken breast and you had asparagus, there’s no monosodium glutamate, do you see what I’m saying?

[25:38] Reena Jadhav: Got it. So your recommendation is, I think also what I’m hearing you. So it’s no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, right? Am I hearing more of a ketone diet?

[25:53] Dr Conneely: Ketogenic is a good way of eating. Okay. So kenogenic is you have plenty of fat, moderate protein. So the average person somewhere between 45 and 60 grams and if you just now there’s a gram counter for everything. If you, you know, I remember when I was young I had to look up everything in the book home and we didn’t have computers and, and calorie things like they have now. Now everything is so readily available. ANd then you always want to know the carb content. So the carb content, there’s carbs and vegetables, there’s carbs and cookies, and then there’s carbs in bread. So those are all carbohydrates. So you want things that have the lowest amount that like you wouldn’t even want to eat anymore. Let’s just say if you’re on just no cancer, no anything. You probably don’t want to eat any more than 100 grams a day.

[26:42] Reena Jadhav: Not that no it isn’t.

[26:44] Dr Conneely: But we know that the lower the sugar, the lower the carbohydrate, the more anti aging, the more you preserved the mitochondria, which are the powerhouse engines in your cell that make energy. The mOre immune enhancing your body will be

[27:03] Dr Conneely: interesting

[27:05] Reena Jadhav: because you know, right. I tell people

[27:07] Dr Conneely: the messenger here, I’m just the messenger. I’m just telling you how it works. and so people, you know, sometimes they don’t want to hear what they really need to do, but I always tell people, you’ve got to try this and see how you feel and if you feel better than you know, you’re on the right track.

[27:30] Dr Conneely: Some people just have to,

[27:33] Dr Conneely: you know, people like long time ago, I remember when I was a little kid now my, my, my parents, my mother was fanatic about what we ate, but our friends, they, they ate. Oh my god, they ate that does not demand a thousand island dressing on their, on their, on their sandwiches in bologna and cereal. We didn’t, we never had zero in our house ever. So, so good zeros like eating a candy bar for breakfast, even granolas like eating a candy bar for breakfast even though it’s good made with oats and this grain and that grain and these nuts and everything, but it’s actually very sugary, very high carbohydrate. Um, it’s not a really great food. If you have granola, you’re going to have two tablespoons and that’s it. That’s all you’re going to have. But you’ve got to make sure you properly combine it because every time you eat sugar, what happens? You eat sugar, your pancreas produces insulin, insulin brings your sugar down. So every time you call for the insulin, it tells your body is starving. So if you keep your insulin levels low, you’re staying in a very, very human conservation state because your body’s taken care of itself. If your rollercoaster ring all the time, high sugar need insulin, high sugar need insulin, high sugar, it tells your body you’re starving, and it creates chaos in the body.

[28:57] Dr Conneely: That’s why the lower your insulin levels, the healthier you are.

[29:02] Reena Jadhav: Got it. So you’re really preaching what a lot of other leading doctors are witches. That’s your carbs down. It’s not just about the sugar anymore. It’s really also about the carbs,

[29:13] Dr Conneely: correct? Correct.

[29:17] Dr Conneely: We have to unlearn what we did when we were 10 and 2011.

[29:22] Reena Jadhav: Yeah, exactly. Or yesterday, whatever you did yesterday. Unlearned. That’s what this podcast is all about. So high protein, no sugars,

[29:32] Dr Conneely: not high protein, high fat, moderate protein, low carbs. What would the ratios be like?

[29:42] Dr Conneely: Well, like I said, half of the plate should be fat. So there’s nine calories per gram of fat. So the average woman caloric intake is about 1500, give or take. So you know, 50 percent of her calories should be from fat. So fat would be coconut oil, would be butter, real organic butter, ghee and olive oil, avocados and nuts. Those are the big, big, big, big fat. Okay. And then moderate protein, a woman, depending on this, you know, the height of a woman anywhere from 45 grams to 60 grams, which is probably about four ounces. Just imagine the size of your hand, every meal of protein, whether it’s eggs like personality and eggs in the morning, but not everybody can do eggs, but they can do Turkey sausage or they can do bacon or they can do a, you know, um, other kinds of proteins. So you can do it. You have fish or chicken breast or something. And so, so lunch and dinner, you don’t eat high protein, everybody, it’s too much protein, but you just eat enough that you know, like I said, about size of your hand. So a buffalo patty, a patty, a piece of lamb or lamb or Turkey, those kinds of things. So when you do that, you’re not. If you eat like this, you are not hungry. Okay?

[31:12] Reena Jadhav: People, if you eat carbohydrates,

[31:15] Dr Conneely: I don’t have cravings exactly. And now if you are eatIng just carbs, you’re hungry and about an hour, but does that usually the amount of time of the cycle that takes all that to take place. So you’re hungry. So I personally used to eat years ago, 30 years ago, I used to eat a bagel for breakfast. All right, well I was hungry and one hour because a bagel came in, brought in insulin and then I crashed. And now when I. When I changed my eating and back then it was the zone with barry sears in 72 hours is I was a different person. So now I’ve redefined it with more knowledge because that’s what we have to do is something we eat everyday. We should really know what we’re eating, why we’re eating and what they’re going to do for them. I mean please, everybody can turn your car into a food podcast. I mean, come on. It’s just not that complicated. It’s not where we are in the era of information and there is no reason for there to be misconception misunderstandings because the information is plentiful compared to what we had when when we were young,

[32:32] Reena Jadhav: amazing doctors like you are writing books, there isn’t. Let’s talk toxins, removing toxins. You mentioned that as the second strategy.

[32:45] Dr Conneely: What every single person in my clinic detoxifies, every single person, if they come in here for a physical, if they come in here for cancer, heart disease, whatever their diagnosis, every single person detoxes. People always asked me, so do you think I’ve talked thick and I go, there isn’t a person on person on the planet that doesn’t have toxicity or whatever’s going on in africa happens here. Would ever going on China happens where there’s not a wall holding down the toxins that they use in China. Correct. So all those toxins come here. Just like the radiation from fukushima is still coming here. People don’t even know that, but it’s terrible. It’s written. It’s all over the internet. You can read it on your own. Do you have to just say, okay, I need to know about it. And be aware of it and what to do about it. But. But toxins are part of your everyday life. Just wake from the time you wake up. Think about it. What kind of sheets? What usually been? What kind of bed did you sleep in? Like I personally sleep an organiC mattress. I sleep on organic sheets, so I have everything. I use nontoxic of things to wash my, um, to wash my, uh, my laundry so I know because I’m sleeping a third of my life is going to be great.

[34:09] Dr Conneely: Going to be great however I sleep. So You’ve got to invest in how you sleep and the environment that you sleep in. I turned off the electricity, do my bedroom every night, so there’s no electrical output to myself when I sleep. So I have a nontoxic environment for eight hours. I have organic sheets, organic bed, no metal at all in my box springs and no electricity. Wow. Then when I wake up, I drink 10 ounces of organic green juice with 10 ounces of purified water. That’s the first thing I do. Then I wake up and I go to my shower, which has a shower filter on. I have pure organic french milk soap and I have organic cleanser from my hair and everything that I use for my hair and my conditioner

[35:14] Dr Conneely: with no parabens and all the other kind of stuff. No additives, no chemicals, right? The lotion I put on is coconut oil on my body. Afterwards I brush my teeth with nontoxic toothpaste that has no fluoride, so, but I do all that. That doesn’t, doesn’t cost me more, doesn’t cost me anything more. You got to buy soap for your laundry. You got to buy to pay. I mean, none of this costs anymore because you’ve got to buy it one way or another, so you might as well buy nontoxic stuff so everybody can buy non because everyone is readily available all over the planet and every day becoming more and more and more abundant. Everything I put on my face, I use rose toner as from rose pedals on my face. I use rose oil around my eyes. I use nontoxic makeup. Okay, so everything I use does not have chemicals and they have the same philosophy that I do. When you do things, you need to say, how is it helping me and how is it helping the planet?

[36:21] Reena Jadhav: If you, if you ate out

[36:22] Dr Conneely: drink out of plastic water bottles, you’re destroying yourself and the planet because the planet cannot biodegrade. Plastic water bottles.

[36:32] Dr Conneely: I don’t have any plastic water bottles in my house are in my office and I haven’t had that for you for 30 years. I haven’t had it because this information came out long, long, long, long time ago and. But of course they’ve done special cnn done special national geographic does that. I mean there’s gyms now that don’t allow you to bring in plastic around here. They. You cannot go in with a plastic water bottle. You must bring a glass water bottle. So because you’re respecting yourself, you’re respecting the other people because you’re respecting the planet

[37:16] Reena Jadhav: to remove toxins from the body.

[37:19] Dr Conneely: Okay. Number one, avoidance.

[37:21] Reena Jadhav: Yes.

[37:22] Dr Conneely: Number two, an infrared sauna or detox bath and berendsen. Has that been around for years? They have absolutely scientific documentation. How sweating is one of the most effective forms for detox? Everybody can google that. I mean we will later on we’ll go into more detail, but for this right now, I’ll just say sweating an infrared sauna. Sweating is better than just sweating in a steam room or sweating and an exercise program. Then the other thing that I tell people, if you don’t have an infrared sauna, I give them a recipe for detox fast, which is epson salts and baking soda and clay and I have them do that a couple of times a week. The other thing they can do easily, it’s skin brushing from the feet up. They start with the feet up and work towards the heart. The other thing I always have my patients do a liver cleanse.

[38:13] Dr Conneely: There’s lots of different recipes for liver cleanse. I have one that I’ve been using for years and then I have a juice one when people don’t want to do a liver flush and then I have patients also do coffee enemas. Coffee enemas have been around for 100 years. They were part of the merck manual years ago and they’re very easy to do and people swear once they started doing them, they by them, so our patients and then a lot of times I will have my patients do a 21 day purification program, which is a green drink. I put them on with a protein powder with fiber pills and detox pills, so I’ll have them start their cleanse. Usually with that I dealt people. Detoxification again is a process. Everything’s a process. Everything I’m talking about, you’re not going to do today. I didn’t get rid of all my plastics on my house in one day. It was a process of weeding out things, affording the right things, and I did it in a process and I’m always refining things because the more I learned in, the more I know the better I can help patients. Right? Because there’s always something new and a new idea. So I. that’s what I do and that’s why I. My whole goal is to educate and empower people to live the best life possible because if they’re living the best life possible, the world’s going to be a more beautiful, magical place to live.

[39:44] Reena Jadhav: What about supplements?

[39:49] Dr Conneely: Well, that’s what I said. Remember I told you I measure every one supplement level, so I know what you need and what you don’t need. It’s all very scientifically validated through testing, so I use several different laboratories to test your nutrients and I tell people, don’t waste my money on supplements if you don’t need them. I will Tell you that 99 percent of the patients that do come in here are deficient in vitamin d, so vitamin d and omegas are probably the two most important things that everyone should take every single day. So vitamin d and omegas, omegas, or are the omega threes and there’s all different varieties. I do use a lot. A lot of times I use a vegetarian with 10 different oils in my omega three supplement, but, and the reason why that’s important is every cell in your body has a membrane. That membrane is made up of oil.

[40:54] Dr Conneely: So what happens on the membrane, there’s over 30,000 receptor sites on the member, so if you take oil, you’re doing an old change on your body every single day so that the receptor sites can do what they need to do with the cell on a nanosecond by nanosecond basis. So those happened to be the most inexpensive supplements you can take. But then if I need to know, I do a very, very elaborate nutritional assessment. Like I said, insurance covers these testing so I know what to give patients. So I don’t patients something they don’t need. I go over every single person’s test and show them what they need and then what it’s for. So it’s not expensive pee anymore.

[41:46] Reena Jadhav: That’s good to know. Good to know. Good to know that there’s a way to test. And what nutritional panel do you do to test? So we know what we’re deficient in and we really don’t need to supplement.

[41:58] Dr Conneely: Well, no. Well mine check everything.

[42:01] Reena Jadhav: Everything,

[42:01] Dr Conneely: vitamins, the minerals, the antioxidants that got the heavy metals, everything. It’s everything

[42:10] Reena Jadhav: panel.

[42:11] Dr Conneely: I use the nutra events.

[42:14] Reena Jadhav: Okay.

[42:15] Dr Conneely: And so, uh, you know, any doctor can do it. There are, there is another one called the ion panel done, but I think metametrix so, um, but it’s, it’s amazing. Amazing.

[42:30] Reena Jadhav: Let’s talk about get moving and get. What do you mean by what frequency and how does it help?

[42:39] Dr Conneely: Well, we know that people that sitting’s the new smoking, right?

[42:43] Reena Jadhav: yes.

[42:44] Dr Conneely: And, and so we know that people are sitting way too much because they don’t have to get up to do anything. They have remote control facts drive through everything. So people, people wait and they’re addicted to their phones, they’re addicted to their computers. But we have 800 muscles for a reason. One exercise and improves the immune system. Your lymphatics, which was responsible for moving to the garbage from your body, are stimulated you. More importantly, you increase your oxygen to your cells. What happens when you don’t have enough oxygen? Cancer is a perfect. I’m a perfect, uh, you know, a place for no oxygen. Okay? So you need to get oxygen. It brings down your sugar levels. It makes happy hormones, it helps you remove the toxins. Uh, it, it helps the clubbing not be in your body. It helps with stress reduction. It helps with your digestive process. It helps with sleep because you’ve exercised, you sleep better, and you reduce inflammation. Not enough. It’s tremendous. So I tell people, if you don’t, I said if you sit at a computer, if you sit at the computer, you do need to get up from your computer every hour on the hour for five minutes, you will be a way more productive person and your circulation will work. Everything will work better.

[44:15] Dr Conneely: Okay?

[44:17] Reena Jadhav: Definitely. sounds great. And I think we all need to do back to lifestyle redesign. How do you incorporate movement into your daily life? And I liked your suggestion of even if you’re sitting on the computer, put on a timer, put on an alarm every hour, every hour, every hour on the hour. There you go. Get up, go for a walk, climb steps up and down. Frankly, the other podcast off a lot of fun. Go out in the open, right? Be open for five minutes, go sit in the sun for five minutes every hour on the hour. Especially for those people who are working, I know there’s a great recommendation some folks have been making, which is go for walking meetings, so don’t have a meeting inside, don’t sit right, walk in, meet, walk and talk. And if all companies started doing that as part of their corporate culture, I think we could make a huge difference in the health of the employees. So Hopefully there’s some folks out there since ceos listening to this going, yeah, let’s do that. Let’s, let’s make walk and talk part of our corporate culture and that, that should help us meet the movement needs that are critical for health as well.

[45:28] Reena Jadhav: So one of the challenges I think we all face is stress. Some stress is real. Some I think is just part of the culture that we live in. We’ve just made the word stress. A common word that’s just thrown around. Whereas it used to be that unless you were faced by ally and you really shouldn’t be stressed and you know, there’s no lions around

[45:52] Dr Conneely: stress than ever because we’ve developed a society where people don’t connect within each other anymore. Before we know that the most successful strategy for living a good life is to be connected with other human beings and because of cell phones, because of texts, because of email, because of our society, no one talks and hugs and kisses each other anymore, and so that’s created a very serious illness of isolationism and isolationism will really pills people and challenges people. The second thing is there’s a constant, constant, constant input of information and negative news, negative news, negative news,

[46:45] Reena Jadhav: negative every

[46:46] Dr Conneely: time. And so even if you’re, you’re indirectly affected by it, even if you don’t listen to it, you’re indirectly affected. And then you hear about every killing of everything playing crushes, isis, policemen getting killed, joe barron’s killing their kids. It’s just a constant, constant input, output of, of negative, negative, negative information. There’s never a constant amp output, a beautiful things that are done and beautiful things people do all the time. So, so there’s a constant stress all the time and that’s why disease is so high because there is the lack of, there’s a lack of love, harmony, and the environment period. Okay? And then, um, uh, people were not doing thingS to counteract all of the stress, so you know, we can do everything from a hot bath to yoga to chigong to meditation. So everybody really, really, really needs to do meditation. A of some sort.

[47:52] Dr Conneely: I would just go to the meditation apps and download one that you would resonate with you. A lot of them are do it, just do listen to something auditorily and it puts your brain in a zen monk stage. So I would highly recommend That everybody do 15 minutes if they don’t do 15 minutes, go sit in your car and do five and then do five later on and then five of where you go to bed. But something like that because make it easy, downloaded, you know, whatever. You know, there’s lots of different ones. I personally use a few of them that I tell my patients to do that have lots of science behind them. One of them is called heart math, another one is called holos sink. And the other one is called wholetones. And they all are different, but they all are outrageously beneficial. So everyone would be benefited, don’t hold on to grudges, don’t, don’t be mean, be loving and consider it if someone wants to get into when you’re driving, let them in. Don’t fight with someone and don’t give the finger to someone. You’re destroying yourself and the other person so people need to practice love, love covers all faults.

[49:20] Reena Jadhav: There’s so much anger out there and outrageous and I think that’s partly why we’re all so sick and there was so much anger and it’s coming from so many avenues from the frustrations at home too. Like you said, just not enough hugging, not enough beautiful words being spoken in the media as all nasty. You put on television on any channel and it’s all bad. It’s people dying and upset and angry and people being shot. And so what do you recommend in terms of how do you go from here to there, right? How do you go from where you are today? A lot of anger, but that’s because it’s being fed by a lot of distressing signals externally and internally. And how do you go to a place of peace? I know you’ve mentioned meditation, which is to me personally, a no brainer. I always say, don’t leave her bedroom until you’ve meditated. It could be something as simple as sitting in your bed. Don’t even leave your bed. Get up in the morning, stay seated, and just for five minutes. Say one word that you love, like just focus on one word. It could be love. You know, I used to say heal. I would just sit there and heal. I’m healing. I’m healing. That’s meditation too. I think a lot of people think meditation is you’ve got to put certain music on and wear certain clothes.

[50:38] Dr Conneely: Not like that. First of all, there’s so many meditation apps for free, so there’s no excuse and there’s more cell phones than there are people, so there’s no reason for anyone could do it under any circumstance. And then second of all, people have to change. People must change. You have to make a decision and it’s got to be your intention to love yourself and love others.

[51:02] Reena Jadhav: Period. Yes, very simple.

[51:05] Dr Conneely: Get an attitude of gratitude. Think about all day the things that you can be thankful for. I’m talking about I am still thankful when I get in bed and I have pillows and I have sheets and I have a bad, the simple simple, simple little things in that I get to drink green, green juice in the morning and I get to drink or a great fear of water and I get to do, do you think that I totally enjoy and love for my life to make it the best it can be. So, and I think of just the teeniest, tiniest little things that make life great. And so I go on hikes and they go, gosh, I am so privileged that I get to do this.

[51:49] Reena Jadhav: Yes,

[51:50] Dr Conneely: get to enjoy this nature. I didn’t enjoy this view. I get to enjoy seeing beautiful plants. So and, and say hi to people on the hype, you know, engage in conversation with them, make new friends like I, that’s what I do all the time. And so, but like, you know, work because you know, who knows what, who you’re gonna meet and what, what purpose are going to serve in your mind and people, all people are like, no. Okay. In my own little world doing my own little thing and people don’t care. I do idea people to care for people care about themselves and someone else.

[52:29] Reena Jadhav: It starts with that, right? It starts with you have to care about your people. Don’t care today though is the sense of. And it spills into everything. They don’t care about the environment as much as they should or we don’t care as much as we should. Um, and certainly not as much about ourselves as these are really, really great insights. What about immune system? Because at the end of the day is your immune system’s not strong. That’s when the door gets opened and the window gets opened and things come in.

[53:02] Dr Conneely: Right? Well, one thing that I think is the biggest problem, and I talked about it in my book, is about sleep. Sleep. Sleep is a third of your life. And your,

[53:13] Reena Jadhav: you’re saying no.

[53:15] Dr Conneely: Yeah, no, no. Sleep is when all regeneration and healing takes place. All regeneration and healing and detoxification of your body takes place. And it is your body’s frontline of the immune system or the natural killer cells. And melatonin is made it night and that is cell killing. It’s an anti anti antioxidant. So it’s getting rid of the chemicals in the body. If you don’t sleep, you’re going to have inflammation and high cortisol you’re gonna to, you’re going to gain weight. And like pupil, all these people who, who, uh, gain weight, they’re not sleeping, they’re only sleeping, you know, a few hours a night. Most people, 50 percent of the population really doesn’t sleep well. So. And then how are you going to detox if you don’t sleep? So I’m so sleep is the most powerful restorative generate regenerative thing to do. And so you’ve got to make sure whatever you have to do, I don’t use medications to sleep because medications will interfere with, with the deep sleep that you need.

[54:27] Dr Conneely: And it will also suppress your immune system. It suppresses the production of gc map, which is the main director of your immune system. So you can’t, you know, you have to be very careful about using medications as a junk up. Now I might use, I might use an on an emergency basis, but not for the four deep. You know, routine practice of chronic sleep disorder, so there’s lots of beautiful supplements out there like five htp and melatonin, and to rip the band and gaba and hospital theory and melatonin so people can find the right cocktail or the right, a natural substance to help them sleep, and one of the biggest things that interferes with your sleep is the electrosmog, which is the area of toxins, and that’s why I turn off all the electricity to my bedroom because I get rid of all the electro smog. So if you don’t know anything about electro smog, I highly recommend that you google electro smog so you fully, fully understand because it’s not. None of this stuff is in the news, none of it, and so don’t count on the news or the newspapers or magazines to give you this and valuables at understanding of health secrets. It’s not going to be there, so we’ve got to take it upon ourselves

[55:51] Reena Jadhav: to change the world by empowering the grassroots of the universe. Couldn’t agree more. Let’s talk about your 14 day anticancer wellness plan as well as your seven day juicing detoxification programs. What can you share with us about what could someone in those 14 days and what does it entail?

[56:11] Dr Conneely: Well, I put the 14 day because we’re talking about cancer. All right? So 14 days is, you know, like when you wake up, can you, uh, you know, and I tell people if don’t get all this stuff, don’t, don’t feel bad. Like ideally if I had a cancer patient, I want them when they wake up, do oil pulling, okay? Or pull him and she put a tablespoon of coconut oil on your mouth and keep it in there for five to 10 minutes if you can. And I’m a spit it out, then go drink, then go drink a green juice or lemon water or green powder. There’s so many green powders that are very inexpensive now, but put, you know, limit. And then um, if you, if you have cancer, usually I always have my patients try to do a coffee enema. Then you know, um, you got to find time.

[57:07] Dr Conneely: You should write a schedule so you can figure it out. Everyone needs, no matter what you have, everyone needs to find time to do. Some exercise and meditation, so meditation is by referring to go to bed, know, just lay down, listen to a meditation app. If you can get any kind of incorporate walking in your day, get one of those. I’m one of those pedometer things that tell you how many steps you’re walking. Ideally you want to get about 10,000 steps and just every chance you get go walk instead of using email and instead of using the intercom system, but walk. That’s what I do in my office because my office is big so I don’t. I go and talk to people. I’d go and connect with people I don’t use email or in a comfortable talk to somebody and then you got to figure out, okay, what are, what.

[57:58] Dr Conneely: Give me some ideas on what to eat. Well we already talked about eggs and bacon and but you’ve got to buy the really, really good bacon and you know you’ve got a good effect. So you could be, you know, just playing all the gutters have aba kowtows readily available. I put them in my refrigerator so I take one to get ripe and then I keep them already so I don’t. I don’t lose any of my avocados. You can have know ground Turkey, you can have chicken, Turkey sausage, you can have a chicken pen and and do that and we have, I have, we have beautiful recipes in the book that kind of help you give you the good ideas of of how to set up your thing and then just write a daily plan and if we don’t get it all done, don’t get upset with yourself.

[58:44] Dr Conneely: That does not. That’s counterproductive to healing and so you, you say, okay, because the first thing you should do anyway, every morning is drink 16 ounces of purified water because you were on a fast. If you ever slept for eight hours, your body was on a fast. So the first thing to accelerate all the bodily functions is to drink 16 ounces of pure water. You have to invest in a purification system because that is just what you have to do. You can buy green powders on sale, you can buy barley grains. All those things are very, very inexpensive if you don’t do fresh juicing, so I recommend that because it has a lot of veggies and things that you may not be eating and you know you’re going to be getting in veggies if you do them a war, you get out of bed. I always tell people, think about what you’re thankful for. Already programmed your day, your mind, your body, that it’s going to be great and awesome today.

[59:46] Reena Jadhav: Beautiful words of wisdom. How can someone not heels following all these fabulous insights that you’ve shared, so what have you seen success with all of these wonderful remedies and practices that you’ve implemented for patients in your clinic? What kind of success rate do you see for what kinds of cancers?

[01:00:09] Dr Conneely: Well, cancer for it patients, first of all, unfortunately we get a lot of patients who’ve already done lots of surgery, chemo and slash or radiation, so they’re beat up before they’re even come here because we do know that if you do surgery, it’s very immuno emotional, psychologically destructive to the body. We know that, okay, so we, if our patients need surgery, we repair the. We prepare the body two weeks before and then we prepare them at. We get the body ready, apt for accelerated healing, so we do some things very, very differently in our office, but when we get so many broken patients who are in very serious distress with their medical problems, we’ve got to start from the matrix. The matrix is what’s going on with the biochemistry and the bioenergy as a body, so we do complete blood testing, nutritional testing, and then everything adult we do at our office.

[01:01:10] Dr Conneely: Every single thing that we do lift the energy and the body up. Nothing that we do has negative side effects. Nothing it all is to enhance the energy of the body. I tell everyone where biochemical, bio, energetic spiritual beings, and so we’ve got to feed the energy our body, so we do different procedures that we do. The pms, we may do specialty. I beats. We may have you do hyperbaric oxygen because like as I said before, our patients have been really, really, really challenged by surgery, chemo and radiation severely. We always do emotional healing with all of our patients. Every single patient that we have, we do emotional hint. I’m talking about cancer because there’s, we know there’s an emotional conflict and barrier. I just got back from teaching in dallas over the weekend and every single doctor, the overwhelming, resounding, resounding message with every single person that spoke was that it begins and ends with the emotional piece and breaking all emotional barriers.

[01:02:22] Dr Conneely: So a lot of people don’t know what their emotional barriers are. That’s why we do the kinds of things that we do in our clinic to accelerate that process. Because if you just go to a therapist, they may take 12 visits to figure out where your problem is. But we want to, we want to find out immediately. So the unique testing that we do now, it tells you and then we, we, we unravel and reframe that unfavorable perception. So it’s remarkable, you knoW, um, and when you come and visit you’ll see. And so, um, but I would tell you that would be where I begin and end with a patient. And so because we are a compilation of our parents and for generations prior, so we may not even know, um, but like if you’ve ever met anyone who was in a concentration camp, they’ve never gotten over the concentration they need. They need lots and lots and lots of work and intervention. So, um, that’s probably one of the worst case in ours or child abuse. Child abuse takes a lot of unraveling to heal patients because it’s a very, very, outrageously extreme violation of the spirit. So, so it’s, uh, uh, you know, people who faced near death experiences people. I mean, there’s all kinds of conflicts, but we’ve got to discover them and resolve them as soon as possible. And it is possible

[01:03:56] Dr Conneely: percentage wise, do 60 percent of patients with that, I’ll tell you who heals the happiest people.

[01:04:08] Dr Conneely: We have meetings with our doctors every week and we all talk the happy people, no matter what they have,

[01:04:18] Dr Conneely: he’ll beautifully,

[01:04:21] Dr Conneely: he’ll phenomenally that people who are complainers and people who are negative or pupil who haven’t dealt with their emotions a lot more work to heal. So, um, our patients and you know, we deal with everything from precancer to stage four cancer. So you can’t put everyone in that group arena. It’s impossible

[01:04:45] Dr Conneely: really, really, isn’t it? It’s really impossiBle.

[01:04:48] Dr Conneely: So, uh, but I had, for example, I had a stage four prostate cancer yesterday and I have a whole bunch of those and they, they’ve been alive on. The guy had less night, 76. He’s been seeing me for awhile. He’s been staged for for 15 years. Well, they don’t live that long. Okay. So a lot of,

[01:05:12] Dr Conneely: I would say a lot

[01:05:14] Dr Conneely: because I tell people taking care of cancer patients is like playing chess on the most intense level that you could possibly imagine and trying to get in checkmate, the time, every move.

[01:05:27] Reena Jadhav: We’ve learned so much from you today. What would be the one mandatory must do advice that you have for those who are listening today that do have cancer,

[01:05:42] Dr Conneely: is remove all fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real and know what is going on. So you’re in the know and a doctor fully explained to do what you have, what you need to do to get out of it, but don’t just don’t just go see a regular conventional doctor. You must go to a doctor who analyzes and understands all the mechanisms that are involved as far as emotion, as far as nutrients, as far as d dogs, as far as all these things, because all these things matter. okay, and then decide that you are going to be victorious over your problem. You’re going to make that decision in an affirmative way.

[01:06:43] Reena Jadhav: Brilliant advice if you have cancer, you’ve got some wonderful advice and what you need to do next. Dr conneely, thank you so much for your time. Thank you for your amazing work in helping cancer patients get better and for those who don’t have cancer, prevent cancer from occurring in their bodies. Thank you again for your time and for everything that you do.

[01:07:07] Dr Conneely: Thank you. You’re welcome.

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WishingWell is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 parent of HealthBootcamps, HealthierPodcast, HealCircle, HealerPedia and HealWeekly brands. We are driven by a passion to help and a commitment to serve those suffering from health issues. Our foundation status ensures we are not motivated by profit over people. This is why we don’t sell products, get paid for recommendations, or sell ads on our podcast.

HealthBootcamps is a platform for doctors to offer actionable affordable health programs. It is also a community and program for healthier habits. Our community includes doctors, healers and integrative practitioners dedicated to helping you heal naturally. We charge a nominal fee for our Bootcamps in order to cover our costs of running the bootcamps and the doctors time.

Please read: We are thrilled you are here but the Programs by HealthBootcamps, content and any products are intended for informational purposes only and not for diagnosis or treatment. You must seek advice from a licensed physician before acting on any information provided on this website. This website is not intended to create a physician-patient relationship between you and HealthBootcamps or its practitioners. Please contact us anytime at for any questions or to just connect and share your thoughts!

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