How to Reverse Autoimmune with Dr. Rachel

March 11, 2018by Reena0


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Do you want to heal your whole body? The #1 doctor in Santa Cruz and a Stanford graduate, Dr. Rachel Abrams left conventional medical practice to pursue functional medicine to focus on healing the whole body for her patients. Integrative medicine that includes an older practice of medicine has paved the way for her to get a more holistic approach to connecting with patients. For this podcast, Dr. Abrams talk about the difference between conventional and integrative medicine, and then further expound on autoimmune diseases.



Here are the Key Questions answered and highlights:


1. What is Integrative Medicine? What is the difference between a conventional doctor appointment and an integrative doctor appointment? (04:25)

– Western medicine is fairly limited with how it approaches complex diseases such as chronic fatigue, irritable bowel disease, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatologic disease, and other autoimmune diseases.
– Increase preventive medicine like diet, exercise, identifying emotional and physical triggers.

2. Why is it that conventional medicine looks at root causes differently than integrative medicine? How does integrative medicine look at isolating root causes? (07:47)

– 80% of the US Population is low in Vitamin D. If your Vitamin D is low, your risk of having an autoimmune disease is doubled.
– The integrative approach is to work on all foundations of a healthy digestive system, nutrition, social activity, etc.
13:34 3. The body wants to heal itself. Can you tell us more about that?
– Being able to read your symptoms, understand, and discern them is the key to healing.

4. How do you start listening to your symptoms and your body? (17:20)

– Listen to the signals your body are giving you.
– Take a breath before you eat.
– Note how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

5. How do you convince your yourself to sleep and rest, and think that restoration is important? (22:30)

6. What practices do you recommend for great health beyond rest? (26:30)

– Eat, especially fruits and vegetables.
– Sleep! Rest is different from sleep.
– Move throughout the day.

7. What do you recommend to people to take out in their life? (30:36)

– Be aware of what you’re addicted to.

8. What are you seeing rising up as chronic illness in your practice? (35:11)

9. In a case where people think there is no way out, what do you recommend for them to calm their autoimmune down? (41:56)

– Meditation and Meditators
– Little rest can help the body be in balance.

10. What do you think is causing this explosion of Crohn’s or colitis in teens? (46:56)

– We’re less exposed to bacteria.

11. Do the fruits and vegetables have to be raw? Do the probiotics die when you cook it? Is it the raw diet that increases the quality and quantity of bacteria? (56:15)

12. Where do the probiotics come from? (56:36)

13. What do you recommend women can do to heal their body naturally from the onslaught of symptoms that menopause presents? (59:33)

– For menopause, you can use herbal formulas, Chinese medicine, and other safe bioidentical hormones.

14. What do you recommend in finding a local practitioner? (1:04:31)

15. Is there any case studies you can share that can give hope? How were you able to lead them back to a healthy life? (1:05:57)

16. For the holidays, can you share a health hack works amazingly well that you haven’t shared yet? (1:10:42)

– Take a deep breath before you eat anything.




WEBSITE: www.doctorrachel.com

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