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March 11, 2018by Reena0


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It’s alarming how many kids today have health issues- from allergies to ADD to autism, from eczema to digestive issues to cancer. I talk to the author of The Dirt Cure, Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, about the cause of this epidemic and how to cure our kids so they can lead healthy joyful lives. Dr. May is Board certified in adult and child neurology as well as pediatrics.

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Key Questions answered and highlights:

1. Dr. Maya’s insights into how to live to 100 years of age

2. Forest Bathing and its benefits.

-Connecting to plants will not only help us live longer but also live better.
-Enjoy time in the forest to prevent cancer.

3.Importance of being exposed to an environment that has a diverse microbiome.

4. How to enjoy the outdoors if you have allergies.

5. Why we need exposure to bacteria.

– Why sanitizing our body with antibiotics and hand sanitizers is an issue.

6. The more we are exposed to good bacteria, the less likely we are to be allergic.

7. In 1 teaspoon of soil, there as many organisms as there are people on the planet.

8. Statistics on chronic illness in children and how big of a problem it is now.

– Type 1 diabetes, which is rare, is increasing 6% per year in children 5 years of age.

9. When you suppress the immune system, it won’t manage infection well.

10. How to strengthen and balance your immune system

11. Reishi mushrooms and other medicinal mushrooms have a great property of strengthening the non-specific immune system. It has a balancing effect on your system.

12. Tips and tricks for making your kids eat and enjoy their vegetables.

13. Insight into healing your kids’ allergies

– Get good, organic food from the farmer’s market.
– Use aloe or aloe juice for the gut and other insights

14. The top tactics to getting your kids’ back to great health


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