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March 17, 2018by Reena0


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Top Cardiologist Dr. Kahn interviews with Reena Jadhav about Heart disease

Dr. Joel Kahn is founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity in Michigan and owner of GreenSpace Cafe. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University of Michigan. He specialty is the prevention and reversal of heart disease (heart attacks, stroke) using lifestyle therapies. He is the author of over 150 scientific articles, hundreds of health articles, and 5 books. His first book is a national public TV special, Your Whole Heart Solution. His latest book is a #1 Amazon seller, The Plant Based Solution.



Here are the Key Questions answered and highlights:


1. How did you get interested prevention of Heart attacks/Heart disease given that you are so great in at patching people up? (02:30)

– There are regions and countries where heart attacks are unknown
– Research shows that you can reverse heart disease with a lifestyle you can take black arteries and make them younger by eating well, managing stress, doing yoga, walking and having social connections and friends

2. When you talk about lifestyle changes what are you referring to? Give us some concrete examples. (07:25)

– The body is a beautiful web or system

– The most dangerous statement out there is moderation in everything

– If you’re gonna use food as your vehicle to maintain optimum weight, blood sugar, blood cholesterol and avoid the #1 killer of men and women, you need to be strict. You need somewhere between 95 and 100%

– you need whole food plant-based as your core

– this includes: Beans, legumes, whole grains, vegetables

– you don’t need too much protein in your diet because you age slower

– “Extreme diet, moderate exercise and abundant in love”

– You need Stress Management: Yoga, Meditation, transgression music, Headspace app

– You need Breathing exercises: 4-7-8 breathing

– You can use herbs: Ashwagandha, Rhodiola

– You need great sleep to restore, rejuvenate and rebuild

– No smoking

– Completely animal-free diets, rich in whole-foods, whole grains, legumes, fruits & vegetables have the ability to reverse and prevent heart attack

– How old are your arteries? Check your earlobe, salt & pepper hair, erectile dysfunction, etc.

– Get a cat scan of your heart

– Coronary Artery Calcium Scan

3. What would you say are some of the most important takeaways for someone who’s very busy and wants to keep their arteries clean? (24:09)

– Do NOT smoke

– Stop eating processed food especially processed bacon, salami, pastrami, baloney, hotdogs. It associates with diabetes, erectile dysfunction, obesity, dementia, heart disease, heart failure

– Bacon causes erectile disorder and considered a carcinogen

– Enjoy the water, green tea, sparkling water, black coffee, golden milk, matcha tea

– Every meal has to be fruit & vegetable rich

– Stand more, walk more

– Do this 80 % of the time



– Know your cholesterol: advanced cholesterol panel

– Know your vitamin D level

– Test for high sensitivity c-reactive protein (hs-CRP) ; See if you’re suffering from inflammation

– Test for lipoprotein a (LPA) ; 23% of Americans have an elevated level on a genetic basis

– Go for homocysteine test

4. Let’s talk about tips & tricks. What about saunas and other hacks? (31:12)

– Infrared Sauna: reduces hospitalization, heart disease

– Steam sauna: eliminating heavy metals and chemicals

(Read here about my experience on Infrared Sauna>>)

– Earthing: Be in contact with the earth

– Get a Blender

– Get a recipe for a smoothie! The minimum fruits to eat should be 5-6 servings

5. What about vitamins? Do you recommend vitamins? If so, which type? If not, do you worry about nutritional deficiencies as a vegan? (37:38)

– Not all but many vitamins can be tested for. Check your vitamin D levels, Omega 3

– Omega 3 rich foods: Chia seeds, Flax seeds, rarely fish-based

– Amla & Gooseberry herbs

– Natural vitamins

For vegans, know your levels for:

1. Vitamin B-12

2. Vitamin D

3. Omega 3

6. How about stress? How hard is stress on the arteries? What do you use to keep yourself stress-free? (41:18)

– Humor, music, breathing practice, meditative practice, yoga, sleep

7. What apps have you been using? (43:54)

– Headspace app

– Dr. Michael Greger’s The Daily Dozen

– Alivecor records your heart for 30 seconds

8. How do you do intermittent fasting? (46:46)

– Recommended: https://prolonfmd.com

– Drop your calories to 800 5 days in a row, you can drop your blood pressure, lower inflammation.

– You release youthful stem cells

9. Where do you come out on Keto? How dangerous do you think is this new Keto diet fad is? (53:16)

– The brain prefers glucose as a fuel, an alternative is ketones

– Ketogenic diets in libraries are found for patients with seizures only

– People that sustain a keto diet long term have a side effect called increased death rate

10. What’s the essence of your book Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses? What is the one thing you want them to do to not die? (58:38)

– This is a plea to surviving your career with a healthy heart

– This is for you to get heart testing




WEBSITE: www.drjoelkahn.com




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