Dr. Ed Park Interviews Reena Jadhav on Gut Health

May 5, 2018by Reena0


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In this fascinating interview, Dr. Ed Park spoke with Reena Jadhav, serial entrepreneur, mother, and now wellness coach.

She describes her struggle with nearly dying from a condition known as SIBO- or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. The medical system failed to connect the dots and misdiagnosed her. So she turned to her own intellect, intuition, and a few “fringe” doctors to guide her to the truth.

We discuss the role of an imbalanced life, medications, a poor and incompatible diet, and even the pervasive pesticide, glyphosate, in creating the conditions for her illness. The good news is that Reena explains how to self-diagnose foods that are not agreeing with you and how to discover your optimal diet for a healthy life.


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