The Missing Link Causing Your Cancer and 5 Ways to Fix It!

April 17, 2018by Reena0

Key Questions and Highlighted Responses:

1. Our entire body needs oxygen.

  • In fact, just 4.5 minutes without oxygen results in our death.
  • Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel laureate who published research on the fact that low oxygen was characteristic of cancer cells.
  • When a patient has cancer it means their whole body may be deficient in oxygen.
  • Hence Oxygen therapy is great for anyone suffering from health issues, for example, if having surgery oxygen can help heal.

2. What are the causes of low oxygen?

  • Increased pollution means you have less oxygen available to us
  • If your lifestyle involves sitting most of the time that results in less oxygen
  • As you age your circulation changes, resulting in lower oxygen
  • If you are anemic, you have less oxygen

3. How can you increase your oxygen intake?

  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
    Reena shares her personal experience of doing the therapy and the incredible side effect of having glowing facial skin a week later
  • Infrared sauna
  • Ozone therapy through IV or rectal. Ozone super-oxygenates the body, gets rid of bugs and detoxifies it too.
    Listen to find out why you should never breathe ozone like they offer in Las Vegas bars!
  • Nanobaths which gives nanobubbles and oxygen. It cleanses the blood and is great for all conditions from cancer to pain to fibromyalgia.
  • Exercise! But do it outside instead of the gym, go into nature, the beach, the forest.Everyone needs to move! You don’t need to be a marathon runner but moving is so mandatory to help with all conditions.

Listen to find out the most affordable and effective way to oxygenate and what Dr. Connealy herself does to get more oxygen in her! She also shares the costs of various options.




WEBSITE: http://www.connealymd.com/




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